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Aiming to be an environmentally-friendly campsite

Dec 9, 2021 | News

Being kind to our environment is always high up in our company priorities and the campsite is no different. We wanted to create an environmentally friendly campsite from the very start of the project. So when we were clearing the site we tried to make use of what we found. This would help us reduce the amount of waste we created, reuse what we could and recycle anything that we couldn’t use.

The Barn

Many people asked if we were going to knock down the barn but we had other ideas. The barn is a key feature of our campsite and sets it aside from many other sites. Our plan is to provide a large covered area for people to shelter from the British weather and a communal space to meet and play. Instead of knocking it down we want to celebrate it! It’s not the prettiest of barns but we plan to make it something special. A game of table tennis? Somewhere to sit and chat if the weather is bad? Lockers to store your possessions when you are out for the day? Fridges and freezers for campers to use? These are all ideas of things we hope to be able to offer visitors.

The Tyre Steps

The barn was once home to a haulage company and we found plenty of old tyres when we were clearing it. Rather than throw these out, we decided to reuse them and build the steps up from the campsite to the car park. Everyone who has seen them has said what a great idea! Have a look at them yourself in our gallery

The Phone Box

The discovery of an old red phone box lying amongst the overgrown brambles was very exciting. The digger carefully helped us stand it upright and move it into the barn. We plan to give it a fantastic make over and turn it into something useful for the campers. Our ideas include a mobile phone charging point or a jukebox. We are open to suggestions though if anyone has any other ideas.

Keep a look out for our progress as we will post regular updates as we start our refurbishment project. We will also continue to look at ways for our campsite to become more environmentally friendly as our project continues.

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